(Witness No: 160)

Name : Shri Sewa Singh
Age : 60 Years
Occupation : Kabari
Address : H.No.WZ-C-7, Gali No.8, Krishna Park, Delhi.


I have filed one affidavit before this Commission. I am shown that affidavit and I say that it has been filed by me and its contents are correct. In addition to what I have stated in my affidavit I say that on 2nd November, 1984 I had gone to the police station to lodge a complaint. There were many persons with me. We told the police to register our complaint but they refused to take it. After two days we had gone to the police station and complained about the incidents which had taken place. Police had taken down something in writing at that time. The police station is one ½ Km. away from my house. The crowd with the mob which had come near my house was shouting ‘Sardar ko maro kyonki usne apni maa ko mar diya’.

[Learned Counsel Mr. S.S. Gandhi states in respect of incidents which had taken place on 1.11.1984, FIR was registered on 1.11.1984. It was registered as 351/84 at Police Station Nagloi. The complaint of the witness in respect of his property was received on 18.11.1984. After investigation some goods belonging to him were recovered from the nearby areas and they were restored to the witness. This FIR covers the death of Shri Trilochan Singh also. The death of Shri Trilochan Singh was reported on_________.]

No cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government..


Read over and found correct

(SEWA SINGH)                                                                                                                 ( G.T. NANAVATI )
5th February, 2002                                                                                                              5th February, 2002