Affidavit of Nanavati Commission

        I,  Satu Singh S/o S. Sunder Singh, aged about 60 yrs., R/o C-19A, Sangam Park, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: -  

1.                  That in November`84, I was residing at E-583, Jagjeet Nagar, Near New Usmanpur, Gawari, New Delhi.

2.                  That on 1-11-84, at about 9 – 9:30 AM, I went to the local Gurdwara situated at Jagjeet Nagar where I found 2 more Sikh persons who were sitting in the Gurdwara. I told them that why they are sitting here as 144 Cr. P.C. has already been imposed in the area.

3.                  That consequently I alongwith all other persons left the Gurdwara and went to the house of S. Sunder Singh, which is situated just near to the Gurdwara. From there I saw that mob came and attacked the Gurdwara and set on fire the Gurdwara alongwith holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib by the rioters.

4.                  That some how all the other attacked to my house and cut my hair myself and left the house alongwith my brother S. Shital Singh aged about 32 years. My brother then started running towards Gownda Chowk. As soon as, my brother reached at Gownda Chowk, he was surrounded by the rioters from all sides.

5.                  That someone from the mob hit one piece of brick on the head of my brother S. Shital Singh consequently he fell down on the road.

6.                  That when my brother fell down on the road immediately thereafter HKL Bhagat, who was already standing in the mob with black goggles and the people standing there were calling him as Bhagat Ji, Bhagat Ji,  uttered the words to the rioters that “Yeh Saap Ka Bacha Hai, Isko Maro, Mat Choro, Agar Choroge To Bada Dukh Dega.”

7.                  That someone from the mob threw some chemical on the face of my brother consequently his face started burning and thereafter few persons from the mob put kerosene oil on a truck tyre and then threw it on my brother. Someone from the mob then set on fire the said tyre so body of my brother started burning.

8.                  That when the body of my brother was burning then HKL Bhagat again uttered that call your Guru Gobind Singh, I want to see him where is he. My brother then replied that Guru Gobind Singh is with me and you do whatever you want to do.

9.                  That after some time the body of my brother was burning, I left the place and came back to my house. Where I found that my house was already burnt and left arm of my father was fractured. My mother aged about 80 yrs. was also died due to shock.

10.              That I went to the house of Mr. Palaa Singh opposite my house and the other family members took shelter in another neighbouring house of one Pandit. At 10 PM on 1-11-84, I went to the house of Mr. Chatis Gujjar and took shelter in his house. In his house there were other Sikh children inside the house.

11.              That the mob of about 3000 came to the house of Mr. Chatis Gujjar and enquired about the Sikhs if they took shelter in his house. He refused and said that there were only Sikh children are there in his house. He protected them from the rioters.

12.              That on 2-11-84, mob again came and enquired that where there is any Sikh is staying in his house then Mr. Chatis Gujjar again replied the same.

13.              That on 4-11-84, at about 10 AM, military came and took me alongwith other children who took shelter in his house to Nanaksar Camp. I remained there upto May `85 and thereafter shifted to Tilak Vihar.

14.              That I lodged a police report on 10th or 11th November`84, with the Police Station Seelampur, New Delhi and suffered a loss of Rs.20 – 25, 000/-.


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