Affidavit of Nanavati Commission

 I, Bhagwani Bai W/o Sh. Sewa Singh aged 65 yrs. R/o Sector 16, Rohini, New Delhi, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:- 

1.                  That I was residing at C-3/245, Sultanpuri, Delhi.

2.                   That on 1st Nov.`84, Sajjan Kumar then Member of Parliament of our area, whom I know for past few came to my house with a mob and ordered them to kill the inmates and burn the house.  My two sons were dragged out and Sajjan Kumar got my sons Hoshiar Singh, 21 yrs. and Mohan Singh 18 yrs. burnt before my eyes.

3.                  That on 3rd Nov.`84 military rescued us and took us to Rani Bagh Camp from where we were forcibly turned out on 12-11-84 to fend for ourselves the camp having been declared closed.

4.                  That my statement was not recorded by police and instead they just handed over a paper purported to be a copy of the police report.  This was merely a statement of loss suffered.  Despite my repeated requests to the police to apprehend the culprits nothing was done.

5.                  That I pointed out the grave lapses in not correctly recording the statement and narration of events but was curtly turned away by the police.

6.                  That no investigation whatsoever has been made in the murder of my sons and burning of my house and those who committed the heinous crimes are freely roaming about in the area.

7.                  That my above stated deposition has been recorded as per my instructions the same has been translated and read out to me in vernacular.  I understand the same fully and is correct.


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