Affidavit of Nanavati Commission

          I, Harbans Singh S/o Late Niranjan Singh, aged 66 yrs., R/o H.No.61, Block-A, Gali No.8, Bhajanpura, Delhi-53, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: -  

1.                  That during October/November`84, I alongwith my family was residing at Govt. Quarter No.T-44, Bara Mor Sarai, Railway Colony, Koriyapul, Delhi-6.

2.                  That during October/November`84, I was posted at Police Station Yamuna Puri as a Sub Inspector of Delhi Police. I have retired in 1992.

3.                  That on 31-10-84, at about 5 PM, the then SHO of P.S. Yamuna Puri instructed all officers present in the Police Station to get arms and ammunition from the Malkhana Incharge, Head Constable Ram Sidhi. All the officers present in the Police Station were given arms and ammunition. I requested Head Constable Ram Sidhi to provide me with arms and ammunition but he refused to give me arms and ammunition. Even my Junior Officers like ASI Chander Pal was given arms and ammunition by the Malkhana Incharge Head Constable Ram Sidhi but I was not given.

4.                  That when I did not get the arms and ammunition, I complained about this fact to the then SHO Inspector Ramesh Pal Singh. But the SHO neither gave any reply nor instructed the Malkhana Incharge to provide me arms and ammunition.

5.                  That on 31-10-84, at night I remained and slept at the Police Station as the SHO ordered that all police personnel shall remain at the Police Station because of situation prevailing at that time. 

6.                  That on 1-11-84, I was put on Emergency Duty from 8 AM – 8 PM. At about 8:30 AM a group of 6 – 7 Non-Sikhs of Yamuna Vihar came to the Police Station and asked the SHO to arrest the Sardars who are carrying on Parbhat Pheri (early morning religious congregation moving on foot in the area and chanting prayers), since Section 144 was Cr. P.C. was enforce. Prabhat Pheris were being taken out by Sikhs in the early mornings since Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday anniversary was falling on 8th November`84. They also handed over a written complaint to the SHO. The SHO asked me to take his vehicle and go to Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Yamuna Vihar, which is about 2 furlongs away. I went to the Gurdwara but I found that only one Sewadar was there who told me that the Prabhat Pheri was over and the devotees had gone their respective homes. I came back and reported the same to SHO at the Police Station. The SHO asked me not to go out and to remain at the Police Station.

7.                  That on 1-11-84 around Noon time, I went to the Wireless Room of the P.S. There I heard a message that “Sikhs carrying kirpans are moving in Angad Nagar area.” From the other side the instructions came, “Send force to arrest them immediately.” I heard numerous other messages where the information was given about the attack on the Gurdwaras and the houses of the Sikhs but in response to those messages no instructions were given to take any action. I was totally disillusioned over this approach and I went back to my room and remained there only.

8.                   That on 1-11-84 at about 5 PM, I saw about 10 – 15 dead bodies in a private tempo parked just in front of the Police Station Yamuna Puri.

9.                  That I remained in the Police Station throughout on 1-11-84 and 2-11-84 and till 6 PM, of 3-11-84 and I did not go to the area at all.

10.              That on 3-11-84, Army officers came in the Police Station at about 12 Noon or 1:00 PM. At about 6 PM, the SHO instructed ASI Banwari Lal to escort me to my house. ASI Banwari Lal first went to Karol Bagh to fetch the tiffin from SHO’s house and later dropped me at my house. En route I saw that many shops in the Tyre Market opposite Filmistan Cinema were burning and there were no Fire Brigade to extinguish the raging fire.

11.              That 1-11-84, 2-11-84 and 3-11-84 the police of P.S. Yamuna Puri did not arrest any rioter.

12.              That in December`84, I was handed over the investigation in FIR No.277 – P.S. Yamuna Puri. Nobody had been arrested by the police in this FIR. I made arrest of the accused after the investigation was handed over to me in December`84. I arrested more than 20 accused in this case. I found that there were many lapses in the police investigation. No site plan had been prepared by the previous I.O. Jai Singh. No recoveries had been made and only very brief and incomplete statements had been recorded. I tried my best to make recoveries but as lot of time had elapsed therefore I could not do much. The previous I.O. had made no efforts to establish the identity of the culprits and apprehend the culprits, even though the victims in their statements had revealed their names.


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