( Witness No : 15 )

Name : Shri Swami Agniwesh
Age : 61 Years
Occupation : Social Worker
Address : 7, Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi -1


I have filed an affidavit dated 25.09.2000 before this Commission (the affidavit is taken on record and marked as exhibit No. W15/1). My affidavit may be treated as my examination-in-chief. I further say that, the bodies which I had seen, lying scattered, burnt and smoldering tyres around the neck. These were about half a kilometer before Trilokpuri while proceeding from Ghaziabad Main Road. While returning from that area to Delhi I had stopped at Yamuna Bridge as I was told that some bodies were thrown in Yamuna River. I had seen about half a dozen bodies lying in the muddy water. I had thereafter associated myself with the relief work started by Nagrik Ekta Manch. I had also collected some affidavits. I had visited the relief camp in Farash Bazar. We had also done some relief work in Trilokpuri itself. The persons who had given their affidavits had told us that large group of outsiders i.e. Persons not residing in the locality, had come there with weapons. They segregated ladies and children. The Sikhs males cut their hairs off. Thereafter, they were butchered and their houses were burnt. They were also saying that this was done by the Congress hoodlums and they had suspected that the whole thing was done at the instance of Congress party. All those affidavits were handed over to People’s Union for Civil liberties. All those affidavits were titled as ‘Who are the Guilty’. If given an opportunity I will produce a copy of it.

Cross examination by Shri S.S.Gandhi, Sr. Advovate on behalf of Delhi Police.

I had not witnessed any of the incidents referred to by me in para 1 of my affidavit. 7, Jantar Mantar Road is a two storied building. As far as I remember there were two taxi stands near 7, Jantar Mantar Road in 1984. I had not seen any crowd burning any taxi stand on the Marina hotel. I do not know the name of the shop referred to by me in para 4 of my affidavit. That shop was just opposite the house of Smt Shankutala Arya, Ex-Mayor of Delhi. When I told the mob that what they were doing was not proper, thereafter, they felt ashamed and thereafter they had stopped looting the shops and by that time there was fire at the shop. Thereafter, the mob had not done any act of violence in my presence. Referring to para 5 of my affidavit I had not seen any incident myself. I had not seen any incident of attack on property of Sikhs myself. As I was not present when the incident of violence had taken place I cannot say whether the police were present there or not.

No Cross examination by Shri K.K.Sud, ASG on behalf of Central Government.

Read over and found correct

(Swami Agniwesh)                                                                                                   ( G.T. NANAVATI )

29th May, 2001                                                                                                          29th May, 2001