(Witness No: 153)

Name : Ms. Nirmal Kaur
Age : Years
Occupation :
Address : 3263, Top Floor, Ranjit Nagar, Behind South Patel Nagar, New Delhi.


Earlier, in 1985 I had filed an affidavit before Justice Ranganth Mishra Commission of Inquiry. The affidavit is shown to me and I say that it is a correct copy of the affidavit. I had also filed one affdavit before this Commission in August, 2000. It is shown to me and I say that it is the same affidavit and its contents are correct. In addition to what I have stated in my affidavit I say that I had given a complaint in respect of the incident to the police but police had not recorded my statement thereafter nor any statement of my children was recorded even though they had witnessed the incident. For two days dead body of my husband had remained in our house and on third day with the help of the neighbour I could cremate the body. No policemen had visited during those two days.

Cross examination by Shri S.S. Gandhi, Senior Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police.

My statement was recorded in the proceedings which was given in Patiala House Courts. In that proceedings Shri Raj Baniya was the accused and I had identified him. No policemen had come for recording my statement or for any other purpose to my house. In Annexure – 1 to my affidavit FIR No. was mentioned at my instance. It is true that in that Annexure the name of Shri Raj Baniya is not mentioned. I do not remember whether police had recorded my statement on 20.11.1984 and I had mentioned Raj Baniya as one of the assailants therein. On the day of the incident itself I had identified Shri Raj Baniya as he was standing with a tin of oil by the side of the body of my husband. He was also uttering the words ‘MAR DIYA SARDAR KO’.

[Mr. Gandhi after seeing the judgment recorded in the case states that Shri Raj Baniya was acquitted by the court of Shri S.P. Singh Chaudhary, A.S.J. on 21st March, 1986.

No cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government..

Read over and found correct

(MS. NIRMAL KAUR)                                                                                         ( G.T. NANAVATI )
28th January, 2002                                                                                                 28th January, 2002