(Witness No: 158)

Name : Shri Jasbir Singh 
Age : Years
Occupation : Business
Address : 2220, Outrum line, New Delhi.


I had filed an affidavit before Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission of Inquiry. I had also filed one affidavit before this Commission. On 31st November, 1984 at night a mob had come near my house who were armed. As stated in my affidavit, after putting my children to my neighbours house, I had gone to my uncle’s house as he was a Congress Leader and I thought I could lodge a complaint with his help in respect of the attack on my house. A mob had come near my uncle’s house and they were looting shops. We, some Sikhs, had cought 4 or 5 persons and handed over them to the police officer whose name I had subsequently came to know was Mr. H.C. Jatav. That police had allowed those persons to go away after some time and they had also gone away from that place telling us that we should defend ourselves. After 4 or 5 days I had approached the police. One Sikh Police Officer was SHO and I had informed him that the persons residing in nearby Jhuggis had looted my household articles and I could identify them. That Police Officer had told me that as he was disarmed, it was not possible for him to go to those Jhuggis and help me in recovering my looted articles. After two days I had met Mr. Barar, another police officer, and with his help I had brought my children to the relief camp. While I was in the refugee camp, I had requested the police to take down my complaint. They had told me to fill in a form, like others, as I did not refer, my complaint in respect of the attack on my house and property was not recorded.

Cross examination by Shri S.S. Gandhi, Senior Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police.

I was taken to Arya Pura by my neighbour on scooter. But, seeing the mob near Arya Pura, he had told me to get down there and he had left that place. I, thereafter had gone to my uncle’s house. The distance between my house and Arya Pura is about 1 Km. There were mobs on the main roads. Therefore, he had taken me through the Galis where there were no mobs. There were few persons near my uncle’s house when I had reached there but there after the mob had reached there. That was at about 9.30 PM to 10.00 PM. The mob which was looting shops had also looted a cloth shop. During the time we were out on the road, the police had not taken anyone into the custody. I cannot say whether later on they had taken 16 persons into custody from that spot or not. I do not know if any complaint was recorded in respect of this incident. (Learned Counsel Mr. S.S. Gandhi states that FIR 633/84 dated 31.10.84 was recorded with regard to the incidents which had taken place on Main Bazar, Sabzi Mandi and surrounding places within 2 Km.). The places where the incidents had taken place and including my house are of within the distance of 2 Kms. from the main bazaar from the police station. I do not know if the police had arrested in all 90 persons and chargesheeted them for the various incidents covered by the FIR. I was not called as a witness in any case nor police had recorded my statement. It is not correct that the police had recorded my statement on 11.11.1984. I do not know if I was cited as witness in case FIR No.633/84.

No cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government..

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(JASBIR SINGH)                                                                                                     (G.T. NANAVATI )
31st January, 2002                                                                                                     31st January, 2002