(Witness No: 163)

Name : Shri Devinder Singh
Age : 42 Years
Occupation : Business
Address : 415/7, Jatala Chauntra, Sarandhi Bazar, Patiala.


This witness has filed an affidavit and that is treated as his examination - in - chief.

Cross examination by Shri S.S. Gandhi, Senior Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police.

I had not filed any affidavit earlier before any Commission or authority. The complaint annexed to my affidavit was given by me after about 10 days when we all of us were in the relief camp. I had not given anything else to the police in writing,. The cyclostyled form was filled up by some persons in the relief camp. I had left Delhi and went to Patiala, Punjab in January, 1985.

Cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government.

Three or four days after 1st November, 1984, I had gone in the military vehicle.


Read over and found correct

(DEVINDER SINGH)                                                                                                     ( G.T. NANAVATI )
    6th February, 2002                                                                                                       6th February, 2002