(Witness No: 164)

Name : Smt. Gurdeep Kaur
Age : Years
Occupation : House Wife
Address : C-94C, Tilak Vihar, New Delhi


I had earlier filed an affidavit before Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission of Inquiry. A photo copy thereof is shown to me and it bears my thumb impression and the contents thereof are correct. I am also filing a statement today explaining my previous affidavit. It also contains some additional facts.


[The statement is taken on record and marked as Annexure A and is to be treated as part of the examination in chief of this witness].


Cross examination by Shri S.S. Gandhi, Senior Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police.


The Police had not recorded my statement. Once my statement was recorded in the Patiala House Courts and once at the Riots Cell near Qutub Minar. I had named 15 persons as accused; 14 persons were present in the court as accused and one of those 15 had already expired. On 7.4.1985, police had not recorded my statement. I had remained at my house at Amar Colony for about four days after the incident. Thereafter I remained in Delhi and had not gone out of Delhi. After four days, we had gone to Raghuvir Nagar and stayed there for about a month. On one day I had returned to Amar Colony but I had not stayed there. I had informed the police about my address when the death certificates of my husband and son were prepared.

No cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government.

Read over and found correct

(GURDEEP KAUR)                                                                                                                 ( G.T. NANAVATI )
11th February, 2002                                                                                                                   11th February, 2002