(Witness No: 171)


Name              :           Shri Ramphal Singh

Age                 :           Years

Occupation    :           Then SHO, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.

Address           :         Village and Post Office, Patla, Ghaziabad.


            On SA


            I was SHO, Police Station R.K. Puram in October, 1984.  I had continued there as SHO till May, 1985.  I had sent a report to DCP,  Mrs. S.B. Deol.  It is at pages 1 to 8 of file (Ex.W.130/82).  At page 28 of the file is the movement chart. 


Cross examination by Shri N.S. Bawa, Advocate on behalf Nov.84 Carnage Justice Committee.


            The report at page No.26 (Ex.W 130/82) was made by Sub Inspector Rampal Singh, Incharge, Sector 8 Police Post.  I had received the same and forwarded it to Assistant Commissioner of Police.  In that report it is mentioned that 5 Gurudwaras were burnt / damaged.  According to my report, 14 shops were burnt.  I cannot say why in the report at page 26 it is mentioned that 29 shops were burnt.  In my report, I have stated that 4 houses were burnt.  I cannot say,  in the report at page 26 why it is mentioned that 8 houses were burnt.  The report was only forwarded by me, I had not verified the facts stated therein.  In R.K. Puram Sector 1 to 13, all are Government quarters.  I cannot say what is the distance between Sector 1 and Sector 12.  Since I do not remember, I cannot say whether distance between Sector 1 to 12 is 2 Kms.  I do not remember whether the Police Post in Sector 4 was just opposite Sector 3.  It is true that Gurudwara in Sector - 3 was damaged by a mob.  It is true that Mohammad Pur was adjacent to R.K. Puram.  I do not remember my call sign.  At that time Mohammad Pur was within the area of R.K. Puram Police Station.  In view of the messages received at 1905 hrs. on 31.10.84, I had proceeded to that place.  The police force was too meagre, inspite of the efforts made by the police the mob had not dispersed fully.  The mob had not burnt any vehicle or car in our presence.  When we had reached there, we had noticed that some vehicles were burning.  I do not remember that  after reaching Mohammad Pur, I had sent a message that more force may be sent.  On that day, many messages were received by me regarding the incidents of rioting and arson.  As I was busy in saving sardars and their property, I had not arrested anyone.  I do not remember whether on 31.10.84 itself, I had asked for additional force.  I used to bring to the notice of the senior officers the incidents which were taking place in the area of my police station.  I do not remember if the mob had set on fire some property in Sector No.3.  It is true that a message was received at 9.00 P.M. that a mob was setting on fire a property in Market of Sector 3 of R.K. Puram. 


            On 1.11.84, I had not seen the army in my area.  I had seen them only after the riots were over in my area.  It is true that in the Wireless Log Book an entry is made to the effect that a message was received at 1350 hrs. on 1.11.84 that two or three vehicles with army had arrived at R.K. Puram Police station and if there were any orders.   It is true that there is a further entry that DCP (South) had replied that he had no orders.


About 66 incidents of violence of looting and arson had taken place in the area of my police station within 31.10.84 and 4.11.84.  It is true that separate FIRs were not registered in respect of  those  66 incidents.  No separate FIRs were registered as the other incidents were tagged on to the main incident in respect of which an FIR was registered.  In all 3 FIRs were registered.  I have not received any direction to register one general FIR in respect of all the FIRs.  I had decided to treat the complaints, received later on, as a part of the main FIR.  Sub Inspector Surinder Dev, Incharge Police Post Sector - 4, R.K. Puram registered FIR No.415.  It is true that it is in respect of the incidents which had taken place in Africa Avenue, Mohammad Pur Gaon, Africa Avenue Chowk, Gurudwara Nanakpura, Taxi Stand Gurudwara Sector 6 and many other places.  All those places were within the jurisdiction of police post.  The FIR No.417/84 was in respect of incidents, which had taken place in Palika Bhawan, Sector Nos.5, 6, 8 and 9  of  R.K. Puram.  ASI Dharam Pal of my police station registered that FIR.  In all the three FIRs,  the cases were closed as  untraced.  It is true that one case was registered as FIR No.66/85 on 8.2.85 in respect of an incident of murder which had taken place on 2.11.84.  That case was also closed as untraced.  FIR No. 299/93 and FIR No.382/93 were registered on the basis of affidavits filed later on and on the basis of recommendations made by Jain Agarwal Committee.  They were in respect of incidents, which had taken place on 31.10.84 and 1.11.84 respectively. 


[Mr. S.S. Gandhi, Senior Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police states that in both these cases challans were filed by the police after investigation.  In case FIR No.299/84, three cases were acquitted and one had died during the trial.  In case FIR No.382/93, all the accused were acquitted.]


It is true that it is mentioned in the report at page 26 that 22 persons were arrested u/s 188 IPC by the officer Incharge of Sectror 8, R.K. Puram Police Post.   It is true that in that report it is not mentioned specifically that it was a report made by the officer Incharge of Sector 8 Police Post, R.K. Puram.  It is true that the report at page 26 of file (Ex.No.W 130/82) does not bear any signature of Incharge Police Post but it bears the signature of Record  Moharir  at the police station.  The report at page 176 to 179 is in respect of  Police Post, Sector 4, R.K. Puram.  The report at page 204 is by Incharge Police Post Sector 8, R.K. Puram.  If any offence takes place u/s 188 IPC, FIR is registered.  It is true that none of the three FIRs, namely, FIR Nos. 415/84, 417/84 and 419 were in respect of an offence u/s 188 IPC.  The report at page 26 was made on 21.2.84.


[Mr. Gandhi after verifying the record states that 22 persons were arrested in case FIR No.422/84 u/s 188.  Those two persons were arrested as they had violated the night  curfew in the area of Rao Tula Rao Marg on 8.11.84.]


Cross examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of Central Government.


            I maintain that army had not come to the police station in my p resence.  I had seen the military for the first time on 4.11.84 or 5.11.84  when we were trying to recover the looted property.  The army had helped us in recovering the  looted  property.


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                         (RAMPHAL SINGH)                                                                  ( G.T. NANAVATI )

                          27th February, 2002                                                                27th February, 2002