(Witness No:  174)


Name          :       Shri Shiv Dutt Sharma

Age             : 

Occupation :      Retired (The Then SHO P.S. Hauz Khas)

Address      :      65, Uday Park, New Delhi




                        I was posted as SHO P.S., Hauz Khas in 1984.  My reports are at pages 1-5 and 8-11 of File No. Ex W108/15.  On 31.10.1984 and 1.11.1984 I was on Medical rest as I was not well.  Movement Chart is at pages  13 to 18.  Shri Kishan Gopal was the ACP of Hauz Khas sub division at relevant time.  He has now expired.  The report made by the ACP is at pages 4-6 of File Exhibit No. W108/59 and his movement chart is from pages 8-10.  Another movement chart of the ACP is at pages 12-15.   At pages 6 and 7  of the File is the report of Shri Anil Kumar Ojha who was incharge as SHO on 31.10.1984 and 1.11.1984.  Shri Anil Kumar Ojha’s services were appreciated by the Ministry of Home Affairs and that information was conveyed by Commissioner of Police by letter dated 24.10.1991.  I am producing a copy of that letter. 


Cross-examination by  Shri  H.S. Phoolka, Senior Advocate, on behalf of Nov.’ 84 Carnage Justice Committee.


                        Seven preventive arrests were made on 2.11.1984.  I cannot give the names of those seven persons without verifying the records.  I do not remember whether all those seven persons were Sikhs.  Those seven persons were discharged by Special Executive Magistrate on 16.11.1984.  I cannot say whether non-Sikhs were discharged by the Special Executive Magistrate on the very next day.  I cannot say after reading the names of  the seven persons whether they were Sikhs or non-Sikhs.  In view of the long lapse of time I do not remember whether seven persons arrested were all Sikhs.  There was curfew in my area on 2.11.1984.  I cannot say without verifying the records whether the curfew was there on 3.11.1984 or not.  I do not remember if S.144 Cr.P.C. Proclamation was in force on 3.11.1984 or not.  17 persons were arrested from different places in the area of Saket.  After those 17 persons were brought to the Police Station they were interrogated in Case FIR 906/84.   As they were not found involved in that case they were released.  The report in this behalf was made at about 6.30 A.M.  In the same report it is mentioned that they were interrogated and they were released thereafter.  The next report was made at 6.35 A.M.


            Read over and found correct




( SHIV DUTT SHARMA)                                           (G. T. NANAVATI)

5th March 2002                                                              5th March 2002