(Witness No:  175)


Name          :          Shri  RamPhal

Age             : 

Occupation :         Retired (Then SHO PS Hazrat Nizammudin)

Address       :        C-27, First Floor, Vijeta Apartments

                     Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi




            In October-November, 1984 I was the SHO of Hazrat Nizammudin Police Station.   I had continued  as the SHO of that Police Station till 1986.  I had submitted a report and copies thereof  which is at pages 1-10 of File Exh. No.W-108/44.  At Pages 11-13 is the report made by the then Inspector regarding the Wireless Messages and the strength of the personnel available at that Police Station and that report was forwarded by me to appropriate authorities.  It bears my signatures.  I had submitted another report and that is at Page 22 of the File


Cross-Examination by Sh.H.S.Phoolka, Senior Advocate  on behalf of Nov.’84 Carnage Justice Committee.                                         


            It is true that the FIR No. 412/84 was not registered on 2.11.1984 as stated in the reply to the Question No.7 of the Questionnaire.   In fact it was registered on 1.11.1984.  It is true that only one FIR was registered on 1.11.1984.  It is also true that on 2.11.1984 only one FIR was registered.  The area falling within the Nizammudin Police Station is a sensitive area and after hearing about the attack on Mrs. Gandhi,  I had deployed force to Bhogal area as it was quite sensitive.  The total population of Sikhs in Bhogal and adjoining area would be about 30,000 at the time.  In Bhogal population of non-Sikhs was less than the population of Sikhs.  The police was directed to cover areas near the Gurudwara and, therefore, no incidents had happened on 31.10.1984.  There were no preventive arrests on 31st, 1st and 2nd.  Some preventive arrests were made on 3.11.1984.  I had not seen Army in my area on 1st and 2nd.  I had seen it only on 3rd.  The first incident of violence in my area had happened on 1.11.1984 at about 11.30 P.M.  It was in the Bhogal.  At about 11 O’clock information was received that there was some trouble in Bhogal.  I had not deployed pickets but mobile patrolling was done in Bhogal area.  On that day only about 25 personnel were available for effective deployment.  After receiving the information regarding some trouble in Bhogal,  I had sought for additional force.  It is true that I was not informed by the patrolling party that a mob was collecting in Bhogal.  During those days Wireless sets were not provided to the subordinate officers.  There were no means of direction communication.  On 1.11.1984 in Bhogal in all 66 trucks, 5 buses, 7 cars, 6 taxis, 5 scooters, 10 motorcycles, 2 matadors, 1 jeep and 4 four wheelers were burnt.  I cannot say whether all these vehicles belonged to Sikhs.  9 houses and 32 shops were also burnt on that day in that area.  I cannot say whether all those houses or shops belonged to Sikhs.  I cannot say that the houses and the shops that were burnt belonged to non-Sikhs.  In all, 146 complaints were received regarding burning of houses, shops and vehicles.  I do not remember if any complaint was made by a non-Sikh.



            On 1.11.1984 during the incidents which had happened in Bhogal,  Police had fired 17 rounds.  A message addressed to me was received from our Police Station Control Room at about 2.00 P.M. that the DCP had instructed  that “force may be kept in the midst of  Sardars in such a manner and in case they come forward then depending upon the situation resort to firing  but  see that life is not lost”.  At 2.15 P.M. a message was received by me that additional force of 67 persons is being sent.  Some of them may be detained in East Nizammudin.  The message further states that such a telephone call was received.  No substantive arrests were made on 1.11.1984.  No incident of killing was reported in my area but it is true that five dead bodies were recovered from Yamuna River.  After registering an offence the Investigating Officer had taken steps for identification of those bodies.  The DCP had sent message to all the SSPs and SHOs.  The photographs were also sent to all the Police Stations in Delhi.  As far as I remember curfew was imposed in my area at about 6.00 P.M. on 1.11.1984.  In all five  substantive arrests were made on 2.11.1984 in Case No.413/84.




No Cross-examination by Shri Ashok Kashyap, Advocate on behalf of the Central government




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