( Witness No : 21 )

Name : Shri Aasa Singh, S/o S Amir Singh
Age : 73 Years
Occupation :
Address : R-1713-14, Desh Bandhu Gupta Rd., Karol Bagh, New Delhi.


Whatever I have to say is stated in my affidavit and I have nothing more say. The affidavit is taken on record and marked as Exhibit No.W21/1.

Cross Examination by Shri S.S.Gandhi, Sr. Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police.

I had taken shelter in the house of my neighbour whose name is Sudhir and probably the number of the house is B-6. That house is situated on the Desh Bandhu Gupta Road. I had moved to the house of my neighbour on the same day ie. 1st November, 1984. I had stayed there for two to three days. I had not moved out of the house during those three days. I had seen some smoke outside through the window but I was told by my neighbour not to lookout for the sake of my safety. I had shifted to my neighbor house at 9.30 or 10.00 AM in the morning of 1st November, 1984. The prayers in the Gurudwara, where I was residing, was over by about 8.30 AM. No mob had come near the Gurudwara till the prayers were over. The neighbours had come in the Gurudwara and told us that there was a disturbance in the city and we should quietly go to our house alongwith our family.

No cross examination by Shri K.K.Sud, ASG on behalf of Central Government


Read over and found correct

(AASA SINGH)                                                                                                  ( G.T. NANAVATI )

11th July, 2001                                                                                                       11th July, 2001