( Witness No : 6 )

Name : Shri J.S.Rawal, S/o Shri Mukand Lal,
Age : 71 Years
Occupation : Business
Address : No.22/2761, Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi


During the earlier inquiry in respect of the Anti-Sikh Riots, I had filed an affidavit dated 9th September, 1985 that may be treated as my examination in chief (marked as exhibit No. W6/1). I further state that, I was not keeping long hair in 1984. On 1.11.84, I left my house at 10 AM and by the time I returned I traveled on foot about 7 to 8 kms. At the Shihidi Pura Market I have seen one car burning there was two mobs of persons who were trying to break the locks of the shops and they were uttering loots the shops etc. I had also seen about 5 policemen there two were having arms and 3 were having sticks with them. I had actually witnessed breaking of locks of two shops and also I had seen the mobs looting goods from those shops and setting the shops on fire. They were doing all these acts without any fear. In addition to what I have stated in para 4 I further say that when the mob was breaking open shutter of the shop the policemen passed by that place. They were armed. They did not prevent the mob from breaking the locks but told them you may break open the locks and loot the goods from those shops and do not set the shop on fire and then they left that place. I had seen people form the opposite street called Rehgar Pura going to those shops and took with them what they can carry. On 3rd and 4th I have heard announcement made by the police that all the looted properties should be either placed on the road or deposited in the police station. I had seen people putting the looted goods on the road but I do not know who took them. I had noticed about 150 to 200 shops and houses being looted and burnt. I had moved freely and I was not prevented by anyone on the ground that there was curfew in that area. I had not seen fire brigade man during my journey.

Cross examination by Shri S.S.Gandhi, Advocate on behalf of Delhi Police

What ever I had seen I had narrated in my affidavit with details. It is true that in my affidavit I have not stated that I had seen shops being broken open and looted in Shihidi Pura Sabzi Market Area. From the crossing of Ajmal Khan Road to D.B.Gupta road, Chaparwala Kuan is about th Kms away. The shop which I have referred in para 1 of my affidavit was not set on fire in my presence. I can not say when the shop was set on fire.

It is not correct to say that the police had not told the mob to break the locks of the shops and loot the goods and not to set it on fire. It is not correct to say that no incident has taken place in my presence. It is not correct to say that the police was there at the time of incidents took place in my presence and the police had taken action. On Ajmal Khan Road there are number of shops of Sardars also. On Ajmal Khan Road shopkeepers telling the police that their shops may be guarded. They were telling the police that they had fully paid the police and therefore they should remain there and should not leave the place. I know many shopkeepers personally. I know the shopkeepers near my house where I live. I cannot say which shop owner had told the police that their interest has been seen and so they should guard. It is not correct to say I had not heard shop owners telling police like that. It is not correct to say that in order to exaggerate the additional facts that I have stated.

No cross examination by Shri K.K.Sud, ASG on behalf of Central Government

Explained over to me in vernacular and found correct.

( J. S Rawal )                                                                                                         ( G.T. NANAVATI )

8th May, 2001                                                                                                              8th May, 2001